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UK’s Best Cheap Web Hosting 2018

“I signed up & tested ALL of the UK’s most popular cheap web hosting services, so YOU don’t have to. Here’s my personal list of the best for 2018.”


best cheap web hosting from ipage

iPage is the best cheap web hosting provider for beginners and small business owners, due to it’s simplicity and value. You will have ALL the features you would ever need to design, launch & market unlimited websites, at a price you can afford. The support staff are also helpful.

My Rating:

Build unlimited websites with unlimited diskspace, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, free 1 year domain name registration and £100 worth of extra bonuses, all for just £1.50/month.

cheap web hosting from tsohost

TSOhost really go above and beyond ANY other UK web hosting provider when it comes to service, value and support. This website you are reading is actually hosted with them and they would be ranked #1 if they allowed more domains on the cheapest web hosting packages, but is still awesome value for personal OR business websites. Overall a solid host that I highly recommend and the support staff are exceptional.

My Rating:

On the personal plan you can host 1 website on super-fast cloud hosting with 500MB storage, unlimited bandwidth, 5 mailboxes, 1-click app installs, exceptional live support and a free 1 year domain registration OR existing domain name renewal when you signup for the yearly plans, all for just £1.61/month.

cheap web hosting from heart internet

Heart Internet launched back in 2004 and have become an innovative, award winning affordable website hosting company with excellent UK based servers and support, although their pricing structure let’s them down a little, otherwise I would have ranked them better. They offer a ton of value & useful features for a small business owners first website.

My Rating:

On starter pro you are charged yearly with a £10 setup fee, which offers fast-loading cloud hosting for 1 website with 5GB web space, 30GB bandwidth, 1000 mailboxes, eXtend Control Panel for easy management and over 70 available 1-click install apps, which is ideal for small content websites, all for just £2.66/month.

best cheap web hosting from bluehost

Bluehost is also a fantastic, powerful and feature rich low-cost web hosting company, but missed out on higher rankings due to restrictions of hosting multiple domains on the smallest package, meaning you will have to upgrade to host multiple websites. Support is not too bad either!

My Rating:

Bluehost are smart and don’t oversell their services like most other providers do, which offers massive value for small businesses requiring 1 website. Host one website with 50GB diskspace, unmetered bandwidth & 5 email accounts, all for just £2.55/month.

best cheap web hosting from hostgator

Hostgator have been a reliable provider of affordable web hosting for the last 10 years I have personally used them. Although if you are new to managing a cPanel web hosting account and require regular live support, this provider may annoy you due to increasing wait times.

My Rating:

If you prefer cPanel and have little experience managing this type of platform then Hostgator is ideal for personal or small business websites, although have started to lack on live support response times. You can host 1 website with unmetered diskspace, unmetered bandwidth and unlimited email accounts, all for just £2.92/month.

Earnings Disclaimer: Some of the links above are affiliate links, so I’m paid commission if you purchase. This NEVER effects the rankings of providers on this website and is simply to help me maintain accounts with these providers for ongoing research.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have never built a website or purchased web hosting before, then this can be a confusing process and is one of the reasons why I test cheap web hosting providers and recommend the best ones I can find on this website, to make it an easier, less confusing process for you.

The top 3 companies I recommend (iPage, TSOhost & Heart Internet) are ideal for people who have little OR no experience building websites and managing web hosting accounts, as they have simple control panels that are easy to navigate and understand.

Whether you want to build an online store to sell your products online, start a blog to grow a community of online followers or create a professional website to generate online leads for your business, every single provider I recommend here has the features you need to make that happen quickly and easily.

All of these providers offer an extensive knowledgebase on their websites which are full of text and video tutorials that explain and clearly show you step by step, how to manage every aspect of their control panels.

So it’s a case of deciding on what you want to do, watching the related video tutorials and then implementing it yourself on your own control panel for your own website.

You will notice that most web hosting companies offer a similar set of features, but might just be either worded differently or presented in a different package at a different price, so getting caught up in the technical details will do you no favours and just hold you back.

I have been personally using most of these particular providers for more than 10 years now and know them inside out, so if you need anyone’s advice based on your own specific needs, then all you have to do is contact me from this website and I would be happy to help.

The main reason why the web hosting companies featured above are so cheap is due to the fact that your website is located on a server which is shared with other customers.

Otherwise known as shared web hosting, the total resources available on each server are shared between a selection of other customers who are allocated a portion of the resources available (usually less than 5% of the total resources per customer, per server).

This type of hosting is more than sufficient to run small content based websites, ideal for personal or business use, such as portfolio websites for freelancers, blogs or lead generation websites used for small businesses.

The only issues you will face is if your website grows to a point that your website starts to use more than 5% of the server resources, such as a website with thousands of daily visitors, which is not very common.

If your website out grows your shared web hosting environment, then you will be kindly asked to upgrade your hosting or move to either a VPS (virtual private server) or a dedicated server, as your growth will effect the performance of other websites who share the same server.

As this level of growth is uncommon with personal and small business websites, this makes shared web hosting an ideal and affordable solution to get your website online, as the server resources you have access to on these cheap web hosting plans, are more than enough to start with.

On a selection of the best cheap web hosting companies I recommend above, you will notice me mention unlimited diskspace & unlimited bandwidth…

But do the best web hosting companies really offer unlimited resources for such a low price?

The short, truthful answer to this question is no!

I think it’s basically a marketing tactic that is popular among the most popular cheap website hosting companies who are in fierce competition with each other.

The words “unlimited” are used to persuade you to signup to their services, although if you read the small print, then you will soon discover that they have procedures in place to ensure no one abuses the offer.

No company could maintain such an offer, as they only have so many resources available, especially on shared web hosting, so don’t be fooled by the mention of unlimited, it’s just a gimmick.

The simple fact is this, if your website becomes too popular or uses too much diskspace, then you will be asked to upgrade to a more sufficient server that’s allocated more resources, which is inline with your specific requirements.

After all, these companies are in business to make a profit and if your website is draining their resources and your only paying a few quid per month, then it will not be too long before:

  1. Your bill increases so they actually make a profit based on your increasing need for diskspace or monthly bandwidth.
  2. You will be asked to upgrade to a more powerful server, which could cost 10x the amount of your existing cheap hosting plan.
  3. Or the last resort for them is to disable your website completely and ask you to move it to another provider, so other websites on your shared server are not effected.

Before you sign up to any web hosting plan, ensure you take the time to read through their terms of service, so you are not effected, as the last thing you want to discover is that your website is offline during a paid advertising campaign.

You could lose a lot of money on paid ads if this happens, so be careful and be smart. Ask your web hosting provider how many visitors your hosting plan can handle before it becomes an issue, as there will be a limit and it may surprise you.

Diskspace is simply how much room on the server is allocated to your website and is measured in either MB (megabytes) or GB (gigabytes).

Think of this the same as the amount of available space on your smartphone, when you download apps, take photos and record videos, the amount of available space on your phone reduces, this is the same as with a web hosting server for your website.

The size of your entire website once it’s built is hard to determine, as this will depend on the type of website you build, the type of content and how many pages it has, as it could be WordPress like mine, or could be hand built by a web developer in HTML or PHP.

According to httparchive.org, the average size of a webpage on January 1st 2018 is 3565KB, which is just over 3.5MB, so with a 10 page website (which is common for a small business), you should expect to use around 40-50MB for your entire website.

Websites that have lots of large images and video will use more diskspace than websites that focus on text content, so keep that in mind.

What’s useful to know is that larger websites also load slower for your website visitors and is not particularly user-friendly, as people are not very patient in today’s society and may leave your website before it’s even loaded, if it takes too long.

No matter how large your website is, it’s always a good practice to implement caching that takes snapshots of your webpages for faster delivery to your website visitors, also reducing the load on your server.

I use Cloudflare, which is a free CDN (content delivery network), which does this exact thing and loads a copy of my webpages from a server location closest to the person who visits my website, which is like a website super-charger and is more secure too.

All of the cheaper priced web hosting companies I have recommended on this website offer more than enough diskpace for you to build several large websites, so it’s not something you will need to worry about, IF you intend on building a website for personal or small business use.

If you intend on launching a gaming server, video hosting OR file hosting website, then shared web hosting is not sufficient enough and is against the terms of service from these providers, so you would have to find something more suitable.

Also, if you intend on building a social network or community forum, then these cheap web hosting providers will only be suitable for so long, as these types of websites constantly grow with user generated content such as text, videos and images which will eventually overload the shared server environment.

Over the last 10 years, Aden has personally improved 500+ websites for business owners, built 100+ websites and become a leading freelancer on People Per Hour with 230+ reviews.